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Top 8 Wrong Food Combinations to Strictly Avoid

Eating the right kind of food at the right time can help you achieve and maintain excellent health. And, sometimes you may be consuming the best foods, but because of the weird combinations, the food becomes dangerous to you rather than beneficial. Yes, read that right! According to many modern dieticians and physiologists, there are many bad and unhealthy food combinations that can upset the digestion process. Additionally, eating them can also cause severe problems for your body. This blog from Healthsaverguide explores the top eight wrong food combinations that are bad for your health.

Top 8 Wrong Food Combinations

Let’s face it, we all usually combine or mix two or more food products to make our dish delicious and to get nutrition. However, as already mentioned above, combining certain foods can make you sick. Here’s a list of some of those wrong food combinations:

1. Water With Food

Let’s start the list with the worst combination food. There are a lot of us who love to sip a little water during meals. But did you know that water along with the meals is one of the unhealthiest food combinations? Water tends to dilute your stomach acids, which are vital for digesting the food that you consume. As a result, this can get quite difficult for your stomach and make it work harder to break down fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Therefore, it is advisable to drink water ten minutes before your meal as it can increase the feeling of fullness.

2. Burger And Fries

This one may sound strange because most burger joints offer burgers along with lots of French fries. And most of us love enjoying this yummy combo without even thinking about its dangerous side effects. The trans fats present in these food items (since French fries and burger patty are both deep-fried) lower blood sugar levels and make you sleepy and lazy. So, next time be very careful not to grab this yummy yet harmful food combo and stay healthier.

3. Soda Drink With Pizza

Planning to order one? We know pizza with soda is something that looks too mouth-watering to avoid, but it’s time to give it a second thought. Soda along with pizza is another toxic combo that most fast-food chains give to their customers. But despite the popularity of this combo, pizza and soda drinks may not be a match made in heaven. In simple terms, it is a very wrong choice as far as your digestive health is concerned. The presence of carbs in the super delicious pizza along with high amounts of scratch and protein tend to consume a lot of your body’s energy for the digestion process. In addition to this, the sugars present in soda drinks slow down the digestion process.

4. Yoghurt With Fruit

Hell yes! Fruits with yoghurt are becoming popular breakfast food items, but it is advisable to strictly avoid this not-so-good combination! When the protein in yoghurt combines with the acid from fruits, it not only diminishes the digestive fibres, and forms toxins but may also cause colds, allergies and cough. So, it is best to avoid this wrong food combination! Instead, you can have yoghurt with cinnamon, raisins and honey!

5. Banana And Milk

For ages, we all have been told that bananas with milk make for a healthy combo. And, if you too have been consuming mix and banana together, it is time you give it a second thought. Banana and milk can be challenging to digest and can take a toll on your overall health when eaten together because their qualities are so different. The combination is heavy and can take a longer time to digest. Additionally, even though the food is in the digestion process, you can also experience heaviness or fatigue. If you love drinking banana milk smoothies or shakes, toss a pinch of nutmeg or cinnamon powder to aid digestion.

6. Pasta And Tomatoes

This is a very common combo, and no pasta is ever complete without meat, cheese sauce and lots of tomatoes. But did you know all of these, when mixed, make a sure-fire recipe for gas, bloating and other digestive disorders? Pasta is loaded with starchy carbs and hard to digest. On the other hand, tomatoes are highly acidic that can further disrupt the digestion of scratch and cause bloating and gas.

7. Potatoes And Meat

Many people love eating meat with potatoes! However, this one too is not the right combo for your health. These two food items, when consumed together, can create several digestive issues. While meat requires acidic fluids, potatoes require alkalotic digestive fluids. Additionally, the lack of dietary fibre can also lead to gas, heartburn, and bloating, among others.

8. Coffee / Tea After Meals

Drinking tea or coffee is one of the harmful things you should avoid doing immediately after a full meal. Tea leaves are highly acidic in nature. As a result, it can affect the digestion process. Additionally, several studies have pointed out that the consumption of coffee after a high-fat meal can spike blood sugar levels. Herbal teas such as ginger tea and green tea are the best bet in aiding digestion as they are loaded with many polyphenols and antioxidants.

Wrapping Up

Now our team at Healthsaverguide has told you about eight bad and unhealthy food combinations that can affect your health. So, try to avoid them! Do you know any wrong food combinations as we shared in this blog? Drop them in the comment section given below!

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