Interesting Facts About Newborns

13 Interesting Facts About Newborns That Will Surprise You

Let’s face it! Nothing seems more delicate and innocent than newborns. It turns out, though, these tiny humans are actually durable and can actually do things that we can only dream of. Yes, you read that right! Most first-time parents think all their little one does is eat, scream, sleep and poop, but newborns can do much much more! Don’t believe us? Grab your favorite drink and snack, and read this informative post to know about the top 13 interesting facts about newborns. 

Top 13 Interesting Facts About Newborns

Babies are a bundle of happiness. But they are not just adorable. Their amazing set of skills and the mind-boggling facts about them will surprise and entertain you. Let’s understand the little ones with these extremely surprising facts.

 Facts About Newborns

Fact 1. Let’s start with one of the most surprising facts about brand-new babies. Newborns have no kneecaps. That’s right, they are born without any kneecaps and have flexible cartilage. Scientifically termed the patella, the knees of babies do not completely develop into hard bones until they reach three to five years of age. 

Fact 2. Even though newborn babies scream a lot, they don’t shed tears. That’s because these tiny bundles of joy can only produce a little amount of tears to keep their eye surface moist and healthy. However, once they are between three to four years old, they can shed actual tears while crying.   

Fact 3.  Here’s a sweet fact about newborn babies! Did you know that newborns actually know their mothers? Really! Although a newborn is going to take some time to develop and grow, he or she always recognizes a mother’s scent and voice immediately after birth! Doesn’t this cute fact just make your heart melt?  

Fact 4. Unlike adults, newborns are born with 300 bones. As they grow older, those extra bones in their little body fuse to form the 206 bones that a grown-up body actually contains.  

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Fact 5.  Most infants can breathe and swallow at the same time up to seven months of age. This one is the most surprising fact about tiny humans. 

Fact 6. Newborns pee everything twenty minutes and infants use up an average of 2500 diapers each year.  

Fact 7. Did you know that newborn babies are short-sighted? For the first few weeks of their lives, newborns can only focus on things 20 to 30 centimeters in front of their faces.  

Fact 8. This one should not come as a surprise! Newborn babies look like both of their parents. Several studies have pointed out that all babies resemble both of their parents equally because they inherit their genes from both their mother and father. 

Fact 9. All babies are usually born with dark blue eyes, and this thing usually changes over time. So, don’t get too attached to the blue coloured eyes your little one was born with!  

Fact 10. Newborn babies feel sleepy all the time. You will be surprised to know that, in the first few days of life, these little tiny humans may sleep for as many as twenty out of 24 hours.  

Fact 11. Babies usually start to smile somewhere between six to eight of age. When your brand-new baby hit this age group you can try to make him or her smile with funny voices or smile.  

Fact 12. Did you know that newborns laugh around 300 to 400 times per day?  This may sound weird but it is true! An infant will begin laughing and smiling around month 3 or 4 and can laugh up to 300 to 400 times each day. According to the researchers, it is one of the most effective means of communication for them.  

Fact 13.  As mentioned, newborns come with different surprises. Well, this one could be alarming! Newborn baby girls may have a “mini period”. Most dramatically, after a few days of birth, a newborn baby girl may have a little bit of bleeding from her vagina. While this may seem unusual, it is perfectly normal. This is usually caused due to the withdrawal of all the hormones the female baby girl was exposed to in the mother’s womb. Once the baby is out of the womb, the sudden drop in the hormone level can result in small bleeding from her vagina.  

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed reading these thirteen mind-blowing facts about newborns. In case we have missed some extremely surprising newborn facts, let us know by commenting below.

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