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The 5 Good Habits To Adopt For A Highly Healthy Brain

When it comes to physical fitness, most people are well aware of what exactly needs to be done to stay in perfect shape. There’s no doubt that getting some exercise and following a balanced diet tends to provide a plethora of health benefits. But, have you ever thought about your brain? What can be done to keep your brain in shape? The brain is one of the most complex organs in the human body- there are around 100 billion neurons. Unfortunately, some terrible health habits can take a heavy toll on your brain in many ways. However, the good news is that there are many healthy habits that you can adopt for a highly healthy brain. So, with that said, this informative blog brings you the top five good habits you can perform to help maintain brain function.

Five Daily Habits For a Better, Highly Healthy Brain

Changes to your brain as well as your body are quite normal as you age. But as already described above, there are many good habits you can implement in your routine to help bring big benefits to your brain health. Outlined below are a few good habits that you may consider adopting:

1. Get Plenty of Sleep

We all know that sleep is one of the building blocks of general health as well as mental well-being. While most of the other body organs slow down and go into rest mode when you are sleeping, your brain does not stop working.  It works overtime to repair itself, so make sure you get plenty of sleep. If your body fails to get adequate rest and sleep for an extended period of time, it can damage the healthy cells of your brain, making them less functional. Adult individuals should get at least 8 hours of peaceful sleep every night to reap the full benefits of sleep and feel well-rested when they wake up the next day.

2. Stay Well-Hydrated

This is one of the most vital healthy habits as our bodies need an adequate amount of water to function properly. It is highly recommended to drinking at least six to eight glasses of water every day. When you are overly dehydrated your concentration levels tend to crash. That’s one of the reasons why you cannot focus on a task when you are dehydrated. Drinking sufficient amount of water is extremely important to stay well-hydrated. It keeps your skin healthy, improves the digestion process and above all boosts brain activity. Being intentional about your daily water intake can enhance brain health thereby supporting the rest of the body as well.

3. Get Social 

Social isolation and loneliness are two powerful predictors of poor physical and mental health. Building a social network can help combat anxiety, stress and depression, all of which are the major contributors of memory loss and other mental disorders. Having a few supportive loved ones (friends and family) in life and saying yes to social activities help you live happier, longer and healthier.  If you are more of a painter than a social butterfly, you could enrol in a painting class and interact with new people. Maintaining good relationships with others keeps life interesting and fun, thereby boosting brain health and lowering stress.

4. Exercise Regularly

You probably already know that following a good exercise regime is good for your body. But are you aware of the fact that it’s good for your brain too? Exercising on a consistent basis helps release endorphins (happy hormones) in the body that ward off stress, depression, anxiety and sleep problems. 30 to 45 minutes of daily exercise is recommended by health professionals. If you are a beginner, start by stepping outdoors and walking around, even if it is only for fifteen minutes per day. Just a small amount of physical activity and fresh breathing air can have a huge impact on your body as well as your brain.

5. Include Lots of Brain Foods in Your Diet

Most people are aware that the regular consumption of too much oily and sugary foods can lead to excessive weight gain over time. But many people forget that the same rules apply to the most important organ of their bodies – the brain. Therefore, making better food choices and feeding your brain with nutritious food items that stimulate brain function is imperative. Some of the brain-friendly foods include nuts and seeds, oily fish, dark chocolates, eggs, leafy greens and more.

The Bottom Line

The habits described above are great to implement in your daily life! Your brain is one of the precious buddies you have, so make sure you are treating it that way! A healthy and happy brain means a healthy and happy you.

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