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Top 6 Impressive Health Benefits of Lemons

You may be unaware, but lemon does a lot of good for your health. Lemons are vibrant, round-shaped fruits belonging to the flowering plant family known as Rutaceae. While they are available throughout the year, summer is said to be the lemons’ peak season.  It’s no secret that lemons are wonderful for introducing citrus flavour to several drinks and foods, but did you know that these yellow citrus fruits offer a plethora of health benefits, too?  If you have not incorporated lemon into your daily regime, now is the right time to start. This informative blog from healthseverguide takes a closer look at the impressive health benefits of lemons, their nutrition facts, and different ways to add them to your daily regime.

Nutritional Facts About Lemons

For fairly tiny citrus fruits, lemons are jam-packed with several essential nutrients. Lemons are a powerhouse of vitamin C that is also loaded with potassium, antioxidants, phosphorus zinc, copper, and vitamin B6. These citrus fruits are also extremely low in fat and calories. Being an excellent source of Vitamin C, they help enhance iron absorption in the body.

Incredible Health Benefits of Lemons

Lemon has multiple health-promoting effects and is a good source of beneficial phytochemicals. Several research has stated many incredible health benefits of Lemons

1. Boosts Your Oral Health

This may sound strange, but lemons have amazing benefits for your pearly whites. The lightly-coloured fruits are widely used for the cleansing of your teeth. They can also help you get quick relief from toothache by applying a few drops of lemon juice to the affected area. These versatile fruits are also a good option to fight bad breath. Additionally, lemon juice can be used for the treatment of bleeding and swollen gums. Just apply some lemon juice to the affected area and massage it gently. You can also mix the lemon juice with water to lower the acidic concentration.

2. Treats Digestive Issues

It is common knowledge that lemons work wonderfully to cure digestive issues. Since lemons are loaded with antitoxic nutrients, they help in blood purification and act as cleansing agents. The vital fibre found in lemons known as pectin helps boost digestive health by improving the digestion rate of sugar and starch. Many studies have suggested that drinking a cup of water with a fully squeezed lemon in the morning is an easy way to relieve constipation and aid digestion. So, if you are dealing with constipation or indigestion, squeeze a few drops of lemon juice over your salads or a tall glass of water and it will help you feel better in no time.

3. Helps You Stay Well Hydrated

This is one of the most impressive health benefits of lemons. Everyone knows that hydration plays a major role in an individual’s health and well-being. However, most people still do not drink enough water throughout the day. Drinking lemon water is believed to improve hydration as intake of water becomes easier after adding flavour to it. Furthermore, it helps cut down the intake of sugary drinks that can be extremely bad for your body.

4. Helps You Lose Weight

Lemons contain pectin, which can help reduce hunger and appetite when you are trying to shed fat. So, try replacing high-calorie drinks with freshly made lemon water to keep away from extra calories.  As already covered earlier, drinking multiple tall glasses of lemon water throughout the day can also help you stay hydrated. And research indicates that increased hydration promotes weight loss. You can get all the benefits of these amazing fruits by adding a few drops of lemon juice to your salads without compromising on the taste.

5. Support Heart Health

One of the most vital health benefits of lemons is that it helps boost heart health. We already know that lemons are a great source of antioxidants and Vitamin C. Research shows that these two essential nutrients are good for heart health and help keep stroke and heart disease at bay. Many studies have also pointed out that consuming lemon juice can help lower high blood pressure.

6. Promotes Skin Health

Lemons can also benefit your skin health. Wondering how? Lemons are tiny yet power-packed citrus fruits with all the vital nutrients that do magic for your skin. Packed with antibacterial properties, lemons act as a natural cleanser, helping not only remove wrinkles but blemishes too! So, you don’t need to waste your money on expensive beauty products or spa treatments; introducing lemons to your daily regime could be all you need to achieve healthy skin. You can also apply lemon juice to make the scars and age spots less visible.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, so many impressive health benefits of a tiny fruit to your body and health. For more health-related blogs, stay tuned to our website healthseverguide!

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