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Top Five Health Benefits You Can Get Once You Start Dancing

Dancing is one of the entertaining and rewarding activities that can improve your health. And, this applies to all individuals, irrespective of gender, age and other factors. Yes, you read it right! There are so many mental, emotional and physical health benefits if you are ready to hit the dance floor. A number of studies have shown that dance can reduce stress, help shed those extra kilos, makes you flexible, and more. Still wondering why dancing is good for your health? This interesting blog brings you a list of five incredible health benefits of dancing, you might not want to miss.

The Incredible Health Benefits of Dancing

There are plenty of keys to happier living, and dancing to your favorite track is definitely one of them. Dancing is an engaging activity that will not only makes you feel good but can be extremely beneficial for your mental and physical health. Outlined below are some of the best health benefits of dancing.

1. Sharpens Mental Skills

This one is kind of obvious, isn’t it? Dancing is one of the best forms of exercise that is beneficial for your mental health. When you dance, you need to listen to the music carefully and memories your dance steps and movements which help keep your mind sharp and completely focused. Additionally, when you dance on a consistent basis, you can combat stress and mental tension because you stimulate happy hormones in the brain that reduce worries and anxiety. Studies reveal that dance accompanied by good music can instantly lift your mood. Feeling blue? Get up and start dancing by yourself to the music that you love the most!

2. Improves Flexibility

Have you always wanted to have a flexible body but fed up with the same gym workouts or cannot face another long run?  The good news is now you can have it with a heavy dose of fun and enjoyment. Dancing stretches the whole body in ways that other forms of exercise don’t. So, what are you waiting for? Enrol in your favourite dance class and become more flexible. You will find a great variety when it comes to dance forms. There are countless dance styles you can choose to meet your fitness needs. In short, dancing can never be boring! The best part is, you don’t even have to leave your home to learn your favourite dance moves. There are many online dance channels providing dance lessons that can help you engage in dancing exercises at home.

3. Helps Lose Weight

Dancing is one the easiest ways to lose weight, and it is super entertaining too! Simply by moving your entire body to the beats, whether aerobic, salsa, hip-hop or performing the two-step, you can burn more calories and a lot of fat! You will find it surprising but an hour-long session of dancing can burn about 300 calories!  And, it is so much more enjoyable and entertaining than running on the treadmill!

4. Improves Heart Health

Hard to believe? Dance is an excellent form of exercise for those at risk of cardiovascular disease. The faster you move your body while dancing, the faster your heart beats, leading to a healthier and stronger heart. Apart from this, dancing also helps lower blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol levels in the body.  It’s been found that dancing for an hour every day can drastically boost your heart health. Dancing is an enjoyable activity that has been proven to be more effective than walking or cycling in such cases. Want a healthy heart? Get off that couch right away and start dancing!

5. Strengthens Bones

We already know that using any dance form as a regular exercise can help you get rid of excessive body weight and improve your heart health, but did you know this entertaining activity helps build stronger bones too? Dance being a form of exercise involves a lot of body movements. The constant jumping and movement of the body while dancing actually makes your bones stronger, helping to lower the risk of developing diseases like osteoporosis by allowing your bones to absorb more calcium.

Over to You

 If the incredible health benefits described above don’t make you put on your dancing shoes and hit the dance floor right away, we wonder what else will. Of course, you don’t need to be a professional dancer to reap all these health benefits. Just play the music you love and start dancing. 

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