Gifts For Newborn Babies

7 Of the Coolest New-born Gifts to Buy In 2022

Your close friend or a loved one has been blessed with a little one and you have proudly and happily taken on the cool aunt or uncle title. It’s time to meet the new tiny bundle of happiness, and you are all set for baby cuddles. Since, no one goes to visit a newborn baby for the first time empty-handed, you definitely want to shower him or her with cute gifts. But, how do you find the best new-born baby gifts? What makes a baby gift perfect?  Don’t worry! We have got you covered! This interesting blog brings you a list of the top seven amazing new-born baby gifts suitable for baby boys and girls.

7 Best Gifts For Newborn Babies

Picking the best gift for a new-born baby can be a challenging task, especially when you don’t have any experience in this field.  While the little one might not remember down the road what you bought for him or her, the parents surely will. So, if you are looking for the coolest gifts for newborns, here are top seven unique ideas!

1. Baby Diapers

Yes, you read that right! Baby diapers top the list of best gifts for newborn babies. Every new parent’s secret desire is to get a countless supply of diapers! So, you can never go wrong with gifting baby diapers. Don’t forget to purchase an age-appropriate size of diapers for the little one! Every newborn baby diapers- lots and lots of them!

2. Baby’s Clothes

It should come as no surprise that babies can never ever have too many clothes. So, play it safe and opt to give baby clothing items like sleepwear, bibs, caps, mittens, and booties. Do bear in mind to explore a wide variety of designs and styles in cotton fabric. Avoid going for synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester as they can irritate the little one’s skin. Market offers a wide range of skin friendly and soft new-born baby clothes in different price ranges.

3. A Soft and Cosy Blanket

If you are looking for a gender-neutral gift, a soft and cosy blanket could be an excellent choice. Newborn babies would need a special blanket, and the ones made with super soft fabric and cute designs make a great newborn baby gift. Textured, soft and cosy blankets also provide the tiny humans with safe surfaces to explore and touch. This item will be greatly appreciated by parents and caregivers, especially in winter months.

4.  A Baby Carrier Or A Baby Sling

And, the next in the list for the brand-new parents. They will need a baby carrier to carry their munchkin around when they step outdoors. You can buy a stylish and comfortable baby carrier or a baby carrier sling for the newborn. These are actually the safest and the best choice of presents that new parent will actually appreciate. Baby carriers give parents and caregivers the freedom to use their hands while carrying their baby on their back or chest. Keep in mind the age recommendation while purchasing this product, as newborns usually require an additional neck and head support.

5. Baby’s Bath Products

The perfect gift idea for the newborns. Nourishing the delicate and soft skin of the newborn is essential and for that, all parents would require germ-free, baby-friendly bathing products such as baby shampoos, body wash, baby moisturiser, towels etc. A set of safe baby bath products is a great gift every parent definitely will greatly appreciate. 

6. A Portable Bathtub

A portable baby bath tub is one of those gift items every parent will be sure to thank you for. Some bathtubs come with a built-in digital thermometer that helps parents and caregivers to make sure that the water is at the right temperature for their little one’s skin. So, gifting a portable baby bathtub is a great choice.

7. A Gift Card

Still not sure what to get the newborn? If you are too confused to find a thoughtful gift for a newborn, a gift card is your best bet. This is one of the best gifts no one ever thinks to get for a newborn but will be appreciated by all parents. You can also offer an online gift card, as new parents might not have time or patience to step outdoors and shop for their little one.

Over to You

So, keep the stress of gift shopping for a newborn baby at bay with one of these above-mentioned gift ideas that never fail to impress. If you have any different ideas for thoughtful gifts for a newborn baby, let us know in the comment section!

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