Foods That Giving You Acne and Pimples

Top 5 Surprising Foods That Might Be Giving You Acne and Pimples

While no particular food has proven to give you bad, unhealthy skin, there are foods that can give you pimples and acne. Acne breakouts are quite annoying, especially when they pop out on your face. Both women and men are likely to be affected by these skin issues. You may be unaware but your favorite foods could be one of the reasons for those unwanted zits and bumps all over your face. Not many people know this but wrong food choices can do more harm than good to your body. Today in this informative blog, you will come across top five surprising foods that might cause acne.

Avoid These Foods That Giving You Acne and Pimples

As already described above, what you put in your mouth can play a significant role in your health and the appearance of your face. While there are some a mazing acne treatments available out there, it is vital to be aware of certain acne-causing food items that should be strictly avoided. Keep reading to know which foods cause acne and pimples and why.

1. Dairy Products

Let’s start the list of acne-causing foods with the basics. Dairy products such as milk, cheese, ice-cream and full-fat yoghurts can cause your body to produce high levels of insulin, when consumed in excessive amounts. The increased level of insulin leads to inflammation that further leads to breakouts. So, if you are acne-prone, it’s better to cut dairy products from your diet. Individuals who are lactose intolerant can also develop rashes on their neck and pimples on the face after consuming certain dairy products.

2. Fast Foods / Deep Fried Foods

It is a well-known fact that fast and fried foods are terrible for your health in many ways. So, knowing that they lead to acne and pimples is not very surprising. Greasy or deep-fried foods such as burger, fries, chips and pizza are extremely low on nutrient profile. They are loaded with high amounts of salts, sugar and unhealthy fats to make them delicious. Excessive consumption of fried foods can trigger sweat glands. As a result, this can aggravate acne and pimples to a great extent, thereby making skin look oily and unhealthy. The key to clear skin is to avoid junk food as much as possible.  Those who cannot give up their favourite fast food completely, can try preparing their own version at home.

3. Coffee

Those who cannot live without their coffee must know this- your skin does not feel the same way! Yes, you read that right! You may be unaware but coffee can open doors to various skin problems. Excessive intake of caffeine can dehydrate skin, thereby causing painful acne and pimples. Dehydrated skin also means premature ageing of your skin by thinning. Wean yourself off with green tea instead of coffee for at least a week, and you will feel the difference.

4. White Rice

White rice is a type of food product ranking high on the glycaemic index. It means that excessive intake of white rice can cause your insulin level to spike, which may lead to an increase of breakouts and acne on your face- as mentioned earlier. Instead of eating white rice, opt for grains with high amounts of fibre. Brown rice, wild rice are excellent options, as are farro and barley.

5. Candies and Chocolate

So, we are at your last sweet treat. The world knows candies and chocolates are not good for your waistline. But did you know, candies and chocolates contain a lot of processed sugar that can clog your pores and cause acne by promoting skin inflammation. You can consider cutting these sweet treats to prevent such skin problems. If you have a so-called sweet tooth, it is advisable to eat pure dark chocolates as it has many health benefits associated with it.

The Bottom Line

If you are constantly battling skin problems such as acne and pimple, take a closer look at your routine diet. By making small changes in your diet, you can get clearer skin. Consuming seasonal fruits and veggies, healthy fats (avocados and olive oil), lean protein (lean meats and nuts), staying well-hydrated can help your skin to be it’s very best. You can also schedule a dermatologist appointment for more personalised advice. Share with us, what types of food items trigger your acne and pimples?

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