Foods New Moms Should Eat

Top 6 Foods New Moms Should Eat After Giving Birth

After bringing your tiny bundle of joy into this world and taking care of him or her can make you feel tired, lazy and dull throughout the entire day. But as a new mom, you must also take care of yourself to be able to enjoy your motherhood to the fullest. So, incorporating the right foods into your routine diet can go a long way in helping you regain the much-needed energy levels. After all, your little one needs a healthy and strong mommy. Continue reading to take a look at six superfoods for new moms.

Best Foods New Moms Should Eat After Delivery

Needless to mention, labour and delivery take a significant toll on a pregnant lady’s body.  But, once the delivery is done, it becomes extremely important for new moms to look after themselves by paying special attention to their diet. If you are a new mommy, here are some nutritious foods you must add to your diet, especially if you breastfeed. And great news- many of these foods are probably already in your kitchen cabinet right now.

1. Green Leafy Veggies

Whether you have just given birth or not, leafy greens are recommended to everyone. But their nutritional profile makes them the best food for new moms. Loaded with correct measures of iron, dietary calcium, essential vitamins and antioxidants, green leafy veggies support the immune system and the brain and eye health of a new mother and her baby. The best part? These healthy veggies are low in calories. Spinach, collard greens, kale and other seasonal green leafy veggies can take care of a new mommy’s nutritional needs. Leafy greens can be eaten in many delicious ways. You can boil them, chop them up and add them to a variety of dishes. You can also consume them as nutritious smoothies.

2. Eggs

Thanks to their impressive nutritional profile, eggs are considered an important element of a healthy diet. Eggs are an excellent source of meeting a new mom body’s regular protein requirement. Apart from that, eggs are also loaded with lutein, riboflavin, choline and other essential vitamins. Eggs are a new mom’s best friend because they are easy and quick to prepare while holding your little one. You can start your day with a healthy breakfast of scrambled eggs and milk, boil them along with a green veggie salad for lunch or have an omelette for dinner.

3. Brown Rice

Many studies have shown that brown rice is good for new moms who are breastfeeding, especially if their supply is on the lower side. Brown rice is a well-known complex carbohydrate which means adding it to your diet will not only help control your hunger pangs but also regulates your blood sugar levels. Besides, brown rice is also a good source of protein, zinc and fibre which help in the proper development and growth of your little one. Though white rice is not associated with some health benefits, it is a wise idea to stick to brown rice after delivery.

4. Oranges

Breastfeeding mothers require more vitamin C than expecting moms and should add healthy citrus fruits like oranges to their regular diet. In addition, oranges can also help to boost the immunity system of a new mother. So, in simple terms, you can say oranges are healthy post-pregnancy food and support breastfeeding. Whether you have them raw or juice them, oranges are the superfoods that new mothers should definitely incorporate into their post-pregnancy diet.

5. Dark Chocolate (Pure)

Yes, you read it right! New moms can enjoy some good quality pure dark chocolate. If you just had a baby, try to aim for at least 70% cocoa and derive its goodness. Dark Chocolate contains a high amount of iron and other necessary minerals, including potassium, magnesium, and zinc, all of which new moms need to avoid nutrient deficiency.

6. Legumes

Legumes such as lentils, beans, kidney beans, black beans, peas are jam-packed with high levels of iron and proteins and are all extremely essential for new moms as well as for their babies. Including legumes in a regular diet can provide new moms with a large amount of daily nutrition. You can add boiled or cooked legumes to an omelette or toss them into a green vegetable salad. You can even try different legumes to see which one is the gentlest on your little one tummy. They are the must-have post-pregnancy food and budget-friendly too.

The bottom line

The postpartum period is an essential phase in the lives of new moms and newborn babies.  So, make sure you include these above 6 superfoods in your routine diet.

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