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Why Parents Should Read Aloud to Their Children?

Young children and babies are teeny- tiny sponges that soak themselves in practically everything around them. Yes, you read it right!  Before they even understand what books and words are about, children can still benefit from listening to their parents read aloud. Reading to young children from a young age not only supports brain development, improves language skills and enhances knowledge but it allows parents and children to build a deeper bond between them. All it takes is motivation, a few good books, and a little time. In this article, our team at Healthsaverguide will take a closer look at the seven amazing reasons why parents should take the time to read aloud to their children.

Benefits Of Consistent & Regular Reading To Children 

One of the most amazing things you can do for your little one is read aloud to him/ her. By reading aloud to their children everyday parents give them better literacy skills, language development and a love of reading that will serve them well in school and life.  Here are the top seven key reasons to read aloud to your children.

1. Improves Concentration

We can all agree that reading cannot be done without paying attention and to understand the story, we have to concentrate on every single word that we are reading. Similarly, your child has to sit quietly and still so that they can pay attention to the story you are reading to them. Consistent and regular reading can help to improve your child’s concentration abilities. Furthermore, sitting and listening for a long time will benefit your child in his or her schooling.

2. Provides New Experience

Another rewarding benefit of reading to children is the opportunity they gain to discover new things and explore the world. Books are great teachers and reading them aloud to children is a practice that helps them learn about new places, events and people outside of their own experiences. Children experience many new situations through interesting books before they run into them in real life. Isn’t that amazing?

3. Develops Language Skills

This is a bit of a no-brainer. Even though parents may talk to their children every day, the vocabulary they use is often repetitive and limited. Consistent and regular book reading to young children ensures that they are exposed to vocabulary on a wide variety of different topics, which means they hear phrases and words which they may have not heard otherwise in their routine lives. Many studies have pointed out that children who were read to as new-born babies have a larger vocabulary than other children of the same age.

4. Exercises The Brain

Reading consistently to your children improves their brain function and may give them the much-needed boost required to promote and support their early reading skills. To stay fit people are advised to do exercises like running, walking, yoga, etc. Regular exercise keeps us healthy by building strong muscles and bones. Unlike exercises for strong muscles and bones, reading is a great workout for the brain. Research has shown that specific areas of the brain are affected when children are introduced to book reading from a very young age. So, parents and caregivers should read stories to children at an early age.

5. Source Of Entertainment

Let’s face it, children will always be children. They look for fun and entertainment in everything around them. And, reading aloud to your children is fun, as it helps them cultivate a love for reading and get involved in the story. You will also find children laughing at every funny episode and curious as the story unfold. Time spent reading an interesting book together and having fun can lead to more positive feelings and better sleep.

6. Reduces Screen Time

A child’s brain needs encouragement to learn and develop. In times of digital devices and online games, many children can be addicted to screen-time activities that affect their brains and their early brain development. Studies have proven that children who typically spend a lot of time on electronic devices tend to stay home and not interact with anyone. As a result, they become physical unhealthy as they are mostly glued to their screens. On the other hand, reading books to your children inspire them to learn about the huge world around them.

7. Creates A Strong Bond

Reading aloud to your child for at least half an hour a day can help you develop a stronger bond with them. Research from 2008 has shown that consistent and regular reading can support a strong parent-child relationship. Toddlers, babies, pre-schoolers and even young children feel secure and safe when they are read to. Reading together is a nice way to spend quality time with your child and slow down during an otherwise chaotic day.

Over To You

So, there you have it – the top seven tremendous benefits of reading aloud to your children. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab a few interesting books and your little one and get to reading together!

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