Benefits Of Exercising Outdoors

What Are The Benefits Of Exercising Outdoors?

Have you ever taken an outdoor yoga class or a long walk at a local park or a running session around the neighborhood? If so, then you will definitely agree on how amazing it feels to be great benefits of exercising outdoors and being physically active at the same time. All such health-enhancing activities often make you feel more refreshed, energized, less tired, happier and de-stressed. Being physically active is vital for both your physical and mental health.  And, spending time outdoors in a natural environment can boost your mood, energy and well-being. Simply put, combining these two things, spending time in the outside world and workouts can result in significant positive benefits.   

If that is not enough to convince you, read on this blog to know the benefits of exercising outdoors and what good it can do.

Reasons And Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

Popularly known as “green exercise,” outdoor exercise combines two physical activities: getting outdoors and moving your body. And the results of these two health-enhancing activities are outstanding.  Whether you already workout regularly or not, mother nature has a lot to offer for your health and wellbeing. Scroll down to discover exactly how. 

1. You Breathe the Better Air Outside

You must have heard this over and over time again, step outdoors to breathe some fresh air! Well, there is a reason for that popular notion. Fresh air outdoors is superior to the air that you breathe indoors. Being outdoors and breathing fresh air can increase your energy much more than indoor facilities can. Also, Fresh air is known  to be good for your health. It has been shown to help improve blood pressure and heart rate, reduce obesity rates, digest food more effectively, strengthen the immune system,  all leading to a healthier you.

2. It’s more Enjoyable

What sounds like more fun: Being outdoors in nature or staring at a gym or fitness club wall? Gyms and sports clubs can be pretty boring, so most fitness freaks find outdoor workouts more exciting.  When you exercise outdoors, you are exposed to a different environment every day. Even if you exercise at the same park or garden, chances are the surroundings and weather will be quite different from how it was the previous day. The change in the environment and weather every day can make your workout far more enjoyable.

3. Keeps Stress at Bay

Along with boosting your energy, outdoor exercising helps clear your mind while alleviating stress, tension, confusion, depression, negative emotions and anger more effectively than exercising indoors. Fresh outdoor air combined with natural sounds like children laughing and birds chirping provides mental peace that is impossible to get indoors. Taking your workout program outside is an easy way to boost your mental health when compared to indoor activities.  Bottom line- get out there, mother nature is waiting for you!

4. Get the Sunshine Vitamin 

Also known as the “sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D is synthesized using energy from sunlight. Benefits of exercising outdoors, you can enjoy the benefits of sunshine. When you exercise outdoors, sunlight naturally increases the vitamin D supply in your body.  The sunshine vitamin benefits the body by protecting it against heart disease and cancer, reducing depression and diabetes. After all that evidence, what are you waiting for?  Take your workout side!  Just don’t forget to slap on protective sunscreen when exercising outdoors!

Take it outdoors!

As you can see, exercising outside provides you with numerous fantastic benefits that you just won’t get within the walls of a gym or indoor facility. If you are sick of going to the gym or need to change your workout routine or want to enhance your mood,  it’s time to move your fitness outside.

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