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Why Should You Eat A Bowl Of Salad Every Day?

Is it really healthy to consume salads every day? Well, the appropriate answer to this common question completely depends on your definition of healthy. If being healthy means looking good, feeling fit, and getting valuable nutrients then, definitely yes, it is healthy to grab a bowl of salad every day. Most health-conscious individuals consume salad as a side dish along with their regular full-course meals, be it for lunch or dinner, to provide nutritional value to the body.  The best part is salad makes everyone happy, as you get to pick among the healthier options. Have you had your salad today? This informative blog brings you some reasons why one should add a bowl of salad to your regular diet.

Five Good Reasons to Eat a Bowl of Salad Regularly

The incredible health benefits of consuming salad every day are numerous. Not only grabbing a bowl of salad helps lose excess body weight, but it is also incredibly beneficial for your skin, hair, and general health and overall well-being. Whatever the reason, you have every reason to add salad to your regular diet. Outlined below are some great reasons to consume salad every day.

1. Good Source of Dietary Fibre

It is a well-known fact that fibre is one of the best nutrients that help improve your gut health. Most fruits and veggies like strawberries and green leafy veggies are jam-packed with lots of fibre. It is recommended to eat a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, in as plenty of colours as possible. For effective results, combine fibre-rich fruits and veggies in a salad. Eating a bowl of freshly made vegetable and fruit salad every day is one of the perfect ways to give your body a much-needed dose of fibre. Additionally, proper fibre intake helps regulate your cholesterol levels as well as blood sugar levels, improve digestion and makes you feel satiated for a longer duration.

2. Promotes Weight Loss

Consuming unhealthy fried food and snacks like burgers or pizza on a consistent basis can significantly increase your calorie intake. Try replacing junk foods with a bowl of fresh fruit and vegetable salad every day and you will be surprised to see the number of calories reduced from your body in no time. To prepare the best salad for quick weight loss, you can not only add vegetables and fruits but can also add seeds, nuts etc. Some of the super healthy seeds that can be added to a salad are roasted flax seeds, pumpkin seeds etc.

3. Keeps you Well-Hydrated

Apart from helping you shed extra weight, fruit and vegetable salads are actually good sources of water.  It might surprise you that certain fruits like strawberries and watermelon are around ninety-two per cent water while veggies such as cucumber and spinach comprise ninety-six per cent water. Eating a combination of vegetable and fruit salad with high water contents can help you stay well hydrated for long hours. So, if you are not habitual of drinking plenty of water during the day, choosing a salad can help make up for it.

4. Increase Healthy Fruit and Vegetable Intake

One of the best ways to increase the number of veggies and fruits in your routine diet is by eating a wide variety of vegetable and fruit salads every day.  When you incorporate more healthy fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, beetroot, onion, cucumber, banana, lettuce, etc into your salad, you can rest assured that you are supplying your body with essential nutrients and minerals. So, the next time you feel hungry, instead of munching unhealthy chips, go ahead and prepare a bowl of salad including fresh fruits and veggies for yourself.

5. Taste So Good

Aside from the fact that fruits and vegetable salads are extremely good for your overall health, they are for sure yummy and that is for sure another strong reason why you should consume a bowl of salad regularly. A bowl of healthy salad is your saviour in times of hunger that is extremely delicious, making you happy and satisfied. You can literally enjoy a bowl of salad at any time of day. Whether you consider a bowl of fruit and veggie salad a starter or even a main dish, you will not help but finish it all. Well, there is no guilt in eating it all because it won’t add extra weight to your body.

The bottom line

 As you can see, adding healthy salads into your routine diet offers a wide variety of incredible benefits. However, along with eating a bowl of salad every day, it is very important to follow a good workout routine, eat a balanced diet and maintain a consistent sleep schedule.

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