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Top 10 Interesting & Surprising Pregnancy Facts Every Woman Should Know 

Pregnancy is a wonderful and unique period in any woman’s life. A mom-to-be experiences several emotional and physical changes throughout her entire pregnancy journey. But there are many more weird and surprising things that can happen during pregnancy that even moms-to-be are not aware of. In this blog post, our team at Health Saver Guide will introduce you to amazing pregnancy facts that might interest you. Continue reading to find out.  

10 Remarkable Pregnancy Facts That You May Not Know Of 

There is no doubt that pregnancy is a wonderful time of discovery and lots of surprises. If you are pregnant or know someone who is, you will definitely want to take these 10 reasons pregnancy is a weirdly amazing time.  

  1. Amongst one of the most interesting and mind-blowing facts about pregnancy, this one definitely ranks high. Studies have pointed out that babies can taste everything the expecting moms eat. So, if you are an expecting mother, you can tell your tiny bundle of joy when he or she grows up, “Hey! You loved spinach.” 
  1. A woman’s uterus enlarges up to approximately 500 times its normal size during the pregnancy. Yes, you read that right! The average size of a non-pregnant woman’s uterus is the size of an orange. However, by the third trimester, the uterus expands tremendously and gets around the size of a watermelon. Don’t panic, you will get many opportunities to regain your body shape once your little one is out.  
  1. Find it hard to believe but babies cry silently inside their mother’s womb. Yes, that’s true!  Babies’ first cry may happen inside the womb long before they arrive in this world. So, try and communicate with your little one in the womb when you sense her or he is not in a good mood! 
  1. Did you know that an expecting woman’s partner can also experience pregnancy symptoms? Yes, that’s true! This is a very strange phenomenon, commonly known as a sympathetic pregnancy or Couvade syndrome, in which men experience the same or similar pregnancy symptoms (weight gain, nausea) during the time their partner or another pregnant woman he is close to is expecting a baby. 
  1. This is one of the most interesting facts about pregnancy. Most mothers-to-be and new moms can lactate automatically at the sound of a baby crying. This is completely normal and can even happen if the baby doesn’t belong to them. 
  1. Even though having sex during a healthy pregnancy is safe, a woman can pregnant while she’s already carrying a child in her womb. On rare occasions, a female can carry two babies at the same time with different due dates.  
  1. Believe it or not, the oldest confirmed woman to give birth to a child was 66 years old. 
  1. By the third trimester (the last three months of the pregnancy), unborn babies can recognise their mom’s voice from inside the womb. This happens because babies’ ears are completely formed halfway through the course of pregnancy and their sense of hearing is pretty impressive.  
  1. OK, readers. What is a post talking about mind-blowing pregnancy facts if we don’t talk about pregnancy cravings? You have probably heard of pregnant women’s cravings like berries, pickles and lemons…but did you know that most pregnant women can crave non-food items? One of the common eating disorders is known as “PICA”. Some weird non-food cravings recorded include chalk, stones, glue, pain soap, hair and paper. 
  1. Are you aware of the fact that a woman’s heart also grows in size when pregnant? Not just for the love of the little bundle of happiness developing inside, but the blood volume of a pregnant woman increases by 40 to 50 % and usually remains high to help supply enough oxygen-rich blood to the unborn baby. Isn’t that amazing? 

The bottom line 

Well, there you have some the fascinating pregnancy facts! Have you heard any other wonderful and weird pregnancy facts you would love to share? Drop them in the comment section. As a modern woman, you should cross-check all the facts and verify the truth before taking action.  

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